Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Not Wedding 2010...featuring The Savage Garden

Danny, The Savage Garden's master designer, has a degree in furniture design and originally trained as a studio woodworker before getting into the floral side of design. He was raised in the graceful rolling hills of Kentucky, where his mother, an artist and avid gardener, inspired seasonal art projects that often combined natural elements from the garden and surrounding countryside with remnants of fabric and paper from her studio. He loves creating beautiful events, but when someone connects emotionally with my designs, that's when Danny finds his work's true fulfillment.

At The Savage Garden they believe in living life to the fullest, so they don't cut corners. Genuine passion and creative flair combine to create floral designs that intertwine color, nature and style to achieve something truly beautiful, always original, and often outrageous.

Today, his floral and event designs evoke the rhythms of nature and their seasonal relevance. Lush blends of flowers, branches, fruits and vegetables as well as rich textiles, ribbons, and unique "found" items combine to achieve something both sensual and evocative.

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