Friday, April 29, 2011

Brittany + Hollis ~ A Beautiful Day for Paintin'

Truly, honestly, 100% I LOVE shooting my {e} Sessions for all the awesome personality that comes out in my clients and what a great opportunity it is for us to get to know each other. When I proposed this concept to the couple who are having a super colorful and bird-themed wedding day soon, I couldn't have asked for them to be more game. They were awesome and such great sports with each other considering that the shoot starting out in a "tame" way with our urban decay thing ya know...they are throwing paint around and just being adorable. Get a load of Brittany's beautiful face and Hollis' cute dimples. Thank you guys for a super fun day! Thank you team Lytlefoto, Brandon and Tara. Love you guys. xo

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our newest bohemian chic-ness...Tara:)

And, drum roll please {hee, hee}...I would like to introduce Lytlefoto's new addition, Tara. Tara is assisting in lots of things from editing to shooting for Lytlefoto and I think it's only natural that we give her a proper blogadoodledoo, "howdoyado". I asked her to share a little ditty about herself and how we came to be sitting here in my studio together...

"I have a confession....I am a "junker" (aka. Dumpster Diver extraordinaire). Nothing compares to the thrill of saving something old and breathing new life into it, reuniting it with it's friends of another time. Imagine my excitement when Hollie approached me about putting my passion to work helping her style her engagement sessions! Since that time there has been many late nights of ice cream, good music, and creative ideas flowing between great friends.

How do I tell about myself? How uncomfortable! I would say that when I am not hunting through boxes in random attics that I find immeasurable joy in my children, my husband, and most things in nature. Creek dipping, growing veggies, and communing with the can find me in warrior pose on my trusty yoga mat, baking cobbler, and dancing barefoot with my babies!

I constantly find myself in awe of the emotions that Hollie can capture in her photography...moments of true happiness and authenticity of love. This is the creativity that draws me here, thrilled to be a part of Lytlefoto." xo

Friday, April 22, 2011

Kendra + Jeff {+ lots of love}

Booyah! Kendra and Jeff get hitched {of course, they did:)}. The reason for my silly mocking is because they met in DISNEY WORLD...the happiest place on Earth. I mean, come on, of COURSE they got married. He was an ice cream super scooper and she was Sleeping Beauty...ahhhhh, the fairytale. Let me tell you they are every bit of that fairytale. Both are charming, beautiful, and witty. Their Tampa, Florida wedding was filled with out-of-towners who shared a common joy in seeing these two love birds tie the knot. From their little beachside chapel ceremony at Crystal Beach Community Church to their sophisticated reception at East Lake Woodlands Country Club, the love was in the air. They made a four-year long distance relationship work to finally call Florida their home together. I have a blast just knowing them and that night for shooting was really great. We had the largest and closest moon in 12 years overhead and the dance floor was packed all night. Guys, I am super blessed to know you and thank you so much for trusting your big day to Lytlefoto. We love you and congratulations!! xo