Friday, February 5, 2010

The Not Wedding 2010...featuring A Divine Event

Some food is so good it tastes, well, sinful. At A Divine Event, sinful fare is the specialty of every day and it has been for more than a decade.

Featuring breathtaking design, smooth organization and top-notch service, A Divine Event is an affair spurred equally by divine inspiration and a devilish desire to create food that is wickedly delicious.

The food is where this catering company truly stands out. They believe that if food isn’t treacherously tasty and mischievously mouthwatering…what’s the point? We agree!

With Sandra Moyer at the helm as the chef de cuisine, menus at A Divine Event are always crafted with a focus on fresh, seasonal foods (much of it local) and with dishes capable of shining in a catered environment.

A Divine Event can make your next wedding reception, special occasion or corporate meeting scandalously scrumptious. Now that’s an occasion we would NOT miss!

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